Business Coaching

OYA Business Directions is in the business of helping businesses grow and prosper so that you can enjoy a lifestyle that you deserve. We have 40 years’ experience that we can share that will give you a great start. We love to see businesses develop grow and prosper. Our aim is to help you grow your business to be productive and profitable and working without you, allowing you to work on the business instead of in the business.

Every great sport star, entertainer and government official is surrounded by coaches and advisers. It is no longer a luxury it is becoming a necessity. As the business world continues to change around us, more and more business owners are realizing they need professional assistance to provide an objective source of information and perspective.

John Osborne has had 40 years in the corporate world and has personally headed up several successful businesses. Before commencing his own financial services business he was a director of a public group of companies as their Finance Director advising and coaching companies in the group, spending time overseas in Asia doing feasibility studies in setting up manufacturing in Malaysia and attending board meetings at the manufacturing plant in the Philippines. John founded the Osborne Yuille Group in 1981 with offices in Hunter Street Sydney, Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches, Maitland, Cessnock, and Singleton in the Hunter Valley. John has the support of a team of qualified accountants, financial advisers, finance advisers, property, and business advisers to assist you in building your business.

John and his team are passionate about helping new and existing businesses to grow and develop giving businesses the professional assistance they need for the journey.

Business Planning and Structuring

To help you meet your goals and vision for the business we help you set up a Business Plan and strategy. A written Business Plan is a vital business tool to help you reach your long term objectives and goals. At OYA Business Directions we work with you in establishing your business plan for your business. Defining your objectives and vision for your business, mapping out strategies so that you can achieve your goals, keeping in mind what factors could impact on your success in the future and helping you meet those when they come.

Our team of highly qualified advisers are with you every step of the way, whether you are just starting up in business needing to create a business plan or an existing business needing a review.

Why have a Business Plan?

At times you will need to tell other people about your business. For some businesses, this can be a legal requirement. It is necessary usually when approaching a bank or finance institutions for a loan. It can assist you in obtaining finance from lenders or investors. Your insurance company may require a business plan to give evidence of business activity, the value of stock and other assets and wages paid before effecting or settling a claim.

A Business Plan will give you all the information you need to satisfy the demands of the following;

Benefits of a Business Plan

Business Structure Planning

Setting up the right business structure for your business is an important decision as you will need to consider the size and type of your business and the business goals that you have.

In assisting you with your business structure we take into consideration your businesses short and long-term objectives, succession plan, taxation laws, investment requirements and protecting the assets of the business.

Benefits of Business Structure

  • Asset protection and minimizing risk
  • Assists in sourcing funding from lenders and investors
  • Assists you to create tax-efficient structures and lower costs
  • Lowers compliance costs

KPI’s and Benchmarking

It is important to monitor the efficiency of your business but also your team in the business. Are you measuring their efficiency and productivity? Are you monitoring your overheads and costs in the business, are they too high? Are you managing your staff costs? 

Do you know who your competitors are? We can assist you in providing you with benchmarking reports which allow you to measure your businesses performance against your competitors, as well as helping you with industry standards and relevant Key Performance Indicators.

In helping you to develop and manage KPI’s in your business it will assist you with effective decision making and assist in improving your business performance.

Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

For a business to survive it needs liquidity, enough cash flow in the business to meet the bills as they become due to pay, to pay wages, superannuation, and taxes.

More than 50% of small businesses fail within the first three years and one of the key reasons is inadequate cash flow planning. This outlines the importance of business budgeting and cash flow management and forecasting to avoid a crisis of liquidity.

OYA Business Directions advisers will ensure you are set up with a business budget and cash flow management systems regularly reviewed monthly and amended if necessary, to meet changes in your business circumstances.

Our ongoing monthly monitoring will assist you to take control of your cash flow and improve your situation to ensure you are meeting your financial goals and the long-term success of your business.

Benefits of Cash Flow Management

Business Growth

As your business adviser and coach, our aim is to help you grow a productive and profitable business that can operate without you. Assisting you to work on the business instead of in the business.

Our business advisers can assist you to identify the main drivers which drive the growth of your business, prioritise them and then develop a growth strategy to build on so that you can achieve your goals and vision for the business.

OYA Business Direction can provide a supportive highly trained team of coaches and advisers to help you drive the growth in your business and get your business back on track.