It’s  Important to Systemise Your Business

To be successful in business you need to be able to deliver a high -quality product and service consistently.

If you are going to attract new business and keep your existing customers coming back, they need to be able to experience the same level of product or service each time they return.

To achieve this consistency in your product or service you need to have checklists and procedures in place.  The checklists help to maintain that consistency outlining step by step instructions to help staff remember the important information in each task they undertake.

It is not enough to just put the systems in place and produce a procedures manual.  Most procedures manuals end up on the shelf never to be looked at.  There needs to be ongoing training, coaching your staff and possibly your clients or customers to do things as outlined in the systems outlined in the procedures manual.

The Benefits of Systems and Procedures Manuals

As Michael Gerber in his book “The E-Myth”.  Business owners need to work on their businesses rather than in them.  Staff need to take ownership of the procedures and systems they are responsible for in the business.

So what Systems should I put in place?

The advantage of systemising your business with good systems is it allows you to run a profitable and productive business without you necessarily working in the day to day operations.  You can now work on the business instead of in it as Michael Gerber would say,

No matter what business you are in your aim should be to deliver a consistent and quality service to your customer.  Systemising each area of your business will achieve this.  However, it is important to train your staff to follow the systems and procedures and be consistent in delivering them.

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