Is the Second Longest Bull Market Running Out?

The bull market is still going but how long can this bull market keep running? Since March 2009 it is the second longest bull market in 99 months. Markets have risen considerably. Bull markets cannot go on forever and while we are still seeing growth, it’s probably a good time to go a little cautious and expect a correction in the next 12 months.

Europe is Starting to Show Some Strong Growth. 

To some extent the political worries have quietened down. Europe’s earnings are showing positive signs and earnings growth and revenue estimates are now out pacing the US.

The US Market is Still Going Up.

The US market is still moving along slowly. Strong earnings growth is helping the market. Tech stocks will probably help the market to keep going up.


Earning are positive for the region. However China’s economy is slowing to some degree and GDP growth slowing to 6.5%.

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