Markets are still positive and ASX on Monday went up 0.78% to 5,948.90. The Dow up slightly 0.01% to 20,658. The next few days the ASX could pass through the 6000 point barrier. Recent surveys show market confidence to be high and those surveyed show 1 in 2 believe the market will be higher in 12 months’ time.

When you look at the size of the global debt at US $216 trillion, 325% of global GDP and increase of US $70 trillion in the last decade, one does get concerned and wonders if investor confidence is a little unrealistic.

Unrest in the Middle East shook markets for a few days. President Trump carrying out strikes on Syria raises questions about his wider foreign policy and how he will proceed forward.

Maybe its time to still be a little more conservative in our approach to investing. A rebalance of our investment portfolios could be timely.

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