First week for President Donald Trump and he has signed a dozen executive orders. Yes, it appears we are going to build that wall and maybe Mexico may pay for it or face a 20% tax on their imports. He has signed for the construction of two new oil pipelines which has been on the agenda for a decade. He has reduced the Regulatory burden on US manufacturers

President Trump in his first week has received considerable criticism for his immigration policies and his trade protectionist policies.

The US has had strong corporate earnings and traders on Wall Street like what they are seeing with President Trumps first week. The Dow Jones went through the 20,000 barrier. This will probably be good long term for our markets however our market this week will probably be slightly lower after trading on Friday in the US.

The Market did not like some of President Trumps policies on immigration especially, and has reacted accordingly. This is what we will experience this year, the market reacting to executive orders and policies being made.

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