The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme which is reforming the way the disability services are funded and delivered to those who are disabled.  The scheme was launched in July 2013 in four locations.  The dull rollout commenced in July 2016 and will be completed by 2020 across Australia.

The NDIS works like insurance, similar to Medicare.  This allows the cost of disability to be funded by the community, sharing the cost of providing disability benefits to those needing disability support.

Each person’s eligibility is assessed according  to their individual needs.

Eligibility for the NDIS depends on whether you meet the requirements for disability or early intervention support, your location and age.

What is the NDIA?

It is the National Disability Insurance Agency whose role is to implement the NDIS

What are the benefits of the NDIS?

Management of NDIS Funding you receive

  1. You can manage the funding yourself
  2. Appoint a plan “Nominee”
  3. A registered plan management provider
  4. NDIA

Benefits of NDIS Cover

The NDIS cover will fund reasonable and necessary support for people with a disability.

Ensure that you use a service provider and that they are accredited.  Ask for references from those who have used their services.

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